DR. Neem Hakim

Dr. M.A. Hakim

Dr. Neem Hakim

Dr. M.A. Hakim is popularly known as Dr. Neem Hakim because of his out most contribution in Neem (Azdirachta indica) Research and Development) for last 40 years. He obtained Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from the USA, Master of Social Sciences (MSS) in Social Welfare from Dhaka University and completed Bachelor of Law (LLB) from the same University and obtained graduation in Permaculture and Eco-village Design, completed Permaculture Consultant course &  Advanced Permaculture Design Course from Australia. He studied Herbalist course in the USA and Ayurveda in Bangladesh. He has written many books on medicinal plants and Herbs.
His remarkable writing is Cultivation, Processing and Usage of Medicinal Plants, Catalogue of the Medicinal Plants of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Herbal Pharmacopeia.  He has initiated The International Centre for Integrated Herbal Research and Development (ICIHRD) and The International University of Natural Medicine (IUNM).

A mother garden with huge commercial and rare medicinal plants have also been established by him at Shanti Mission, Baharpur, District: Rajbari in Bangladesh and this is the first and only Medicinal Plants Gen bank in the world.

More than 250 herbal formulations have been developed by him especially on Neem, Aloe Vera, Roselle, Moringa, and many other precious medicinal plants and herbs.

He is the inventor of PERMATHERAPY – The Ultimate Healing Method. It is a permanent therapy in the history and has received Copy Right from the Government of Bangladesh.

He is the Vice Chairman of World Neem Organization (WNO)  and Received a prestigious award ‘Global Neem Ratna’ from Global Neem Organization(GNO), India.